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I Love Green Gorilla Launches A Sale On Its Even Greener
Product Line – Green Gorilla Inc. announces an ongoing sale for their most
recent product line Hemp and Olive CBD infused products.

 Los Angeles, USA – Today, Green Gorilla, online seller of
the world’s finest CBD products, whose commitment is producing sustainable and
ethical choice to protect the planet, is announces its release of their first
set of products from the Hemp and Olive category. This line is a USDA-approved
line which is derived off extra virgin and organic olive oil. Along with this,
Green Gorilla offers high grade, certified organic and plant based CBD which is
extracted from non-gmo organic Hemp in the world. The productions ensures 99.7%
pure Cannabidiol without THC.

With this release, Green Gorilla also announces the online
store wide sale of said Hemp and Oil products. The products featured on sale
are Hemp & Olive CBD Oil (Lemon) from 39.99$ to 17.99$, Hemp and Olive for
Pets from 119.99$ to 99.99$, Hemp and Olive Lip Balm (Peppermint) from 6.99$ to
5.99$, respectively. More products from their Hemp and Olive variants are
discounted for a limited time offer only. The prices vary on the size from
150mg, 600mg, 1000mg and even their biggest size variant at 1500mg.

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The products from the Hemp and Olive variant afe paleo,
macrobiotic, kosher, sugar-free and gluten-free. They are proud to claim that
their main source is from the best hemp growers in the world, infused and
extracted from 100% extra virgin olive oil. There is no psychoactive reaction
from CBD; it is the highest grade of medicinal component from cannabis/hemp

Following the release of Hemp and Olive, is their
soon-to-be-launched Master Grower which includes 100% of grower needs. 

Green Gorilla is an international brand whose commitment is
to making the most sustainable product line in consideration and preservation
of Mother Earth. It was founded by Steven Saxton and a group of fellow
enthusiast who supported his cause. They are committed to the expansion of
hemp-based solutions making it readily available and accessible worldwide. This
is a non-profit, non-government facility which aims to manufacture products of
renewable nature such as food, fuel, pulp and paper, to name a few.

Currently, the company’s main priority and focus is to
develop an array of product lines that is based on hemp and cannabis, aiming to
hit being the market leader in such products. Hemp is considered to be one of
the most reliable sources for helping people and the planet. They’ve identified
so much potential in it as a tool to ethically provide the people with
healthier and longer lives. Their goal is to formulate the best CBD product
line and be the most comprehensive brand in the world. Perhaps, this is what
gives them an edge over companies of its caliber – that it takes an ethical
approach to the whole issue of hemp and cannabis, harnessing every opportunity
it gets towards the betterment of the end users of its products.

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Green Gorilla Inc. was founded by Phillip Asquith and Steven
Saxton and was only established last 2013. Visit their online store @
https://ilovegreengorilla.com/shop which was successfully launched in 2016.

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